Hillary’s ‘Old Friends’

by Jonah Goldberg

Just moments after I posted that item about Sid Vicious, I saw this item at the Free Beacon. It turns out Hillary was asked about Blumenthal:

​Hillary Clinton took questions from the media in Iowa on Tuesday for the first time in four weeks. When asked about her relationship with longtime Clinton operative Sidney Blumenthal, who was personally advising the State Department while he was employed by the Clinton Foundation and perusing business interests in Libya, the former secretary of state told reporters: “I’m going to keep talking to my old friends, whoever they are.” Talking regularly with Blumenthal, she argued, was a way for her to escape the “bubble” of insider politics.

This is hilarious. First of all, Clinton wasn’t “catching up” with Blumenthal in these emails, like two old friends. She was being peddled freelance intelligence by a shadow staffer taking a salary from her “charity” — and that staffer was looking to personally profit from his advice to the Secretary of State. 

Second, the idea that talking to her most committed sycophant and hatchet man is a way for her to escape the bubble of insider politics is positively deranged. It’s like Dracula seeking to break out of the Transylvania Bubble by talking to Renfield. Talking to Blumenthal is actually the reverse of escaping the “bubble.” It’s retreating to a smaller, more confining, realm in which everyone believes the Clintons are victims and anyone who is deemed disloyal — from the press to inconvenient civil servants to political opponents — is a hateful, backward, malicious enemy. Psychologically it is a retreat from a bubble to a bunker. By all means, let’s put this pair back in the White House. 

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