O the Graceless

by Jay Nordlinger

In 2008, Barack Obama was touted for, among other things, his great healing properties: He was going to heal our divisions, making us not the red states and the blue states but the United States. Awww.

In reality, he is one of the most divisive leaders we have ever had. I think of a slogan he used in an ad in the last presidential election: “Mitt Romney. Not one of us.” And I think of how he spiked the football after the Supreme Court’s gay-marriage decree: He bathed the White House in rainbow colors. To much of America, that was a middle finger in the face.

And isn’t the White House supposed to belong to all of us, sort of? Has the building ever been used in this fashion before?

Eventually, there will be a Republican in that house. And he will not be allowed to behave as Obama has. Why? Because the media et al. would go nuts. It takes a Barack Obama to get away with all this.

And it’s a shame he would want to. “First-class temperament,” they said. I think his temperament, or sense of civic responsibility, is about as bad as his politics.

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