For Conservatives Who Want a Break from the Wall-to-Wall Trump News Coverage . . .

by Jonah Goldberg

I’m still in the thick of mysterious travels. But I’ve been following the news as best I can. As I glean things, it goes something like this: “Trump, Trump, TRUMP! Oy Trump. Iran! Trump. Unborn-baby parts for sale. Trump. Cosby rape!”

I’m sure I’m missing a thing or two, but I’m pretty confident in my general impression that it’s a difficult environment for anything un-sensational to bust through the noise chamber. It’s no wonder that Rand Paul recently vowed not to pander to the horrible news environment, drawing the line at setting himself on fire: “Yeah, I’m drawing the line at self-immolation,” he said.

So it is with some trepidation that I call everyone’s attention to the release tomorrow of a new series of policy briefings from the Conservative Reform Network. You may recall that last year they came out with Room to Grow, one of those rare policy tomes to actually break out into the popular debate. Building on that success, they’re releasing the Room to Grow Series. The launch event will be tomorrow. Details here.

Now, I could offer a barrage of full disclosures here. This whole project is crawling with friends, colleagues, and former colleagues of mine from National Review and AEI. I’d list them all, but it would seem like name-dropping. Suffice it to say, I know, admire, work with and/or am friends with a lot of these people.

But at a moment when a populist fever is spreading through our ranks, it seems worth pointing out that some conservatives are actually thinking hard — and smartly — about public-policy issues (panhandling for nuggets of policy in Trump’s speeches or website yields nothing, save perhaps a few nuggets of fool’s gold). So if you get a chance, and you can put down the Trump-brand pitchfork long enough, tune into the event tomorrow, and do some reading. 

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