Kermit’s Thing for Pigs

by Jonah Goldberg

Bear with me for a second. You  may have heard that Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy broke up. This news came not long after Miss Piggy came out in favor of abortion rights, causing some — okay, me — to wonder if Kermit is prolife. But that’s a post for another day. A month after the break-up, BuzzFeed is reporting on Kermit’s new girlfriend, Denise:

Now, I’m not judging. The heart wants what the heart wants. But isn’t it interesting that in a seemingly limitless universe of potential love-connections, Kermit the frog has fallen for yet another pig? I mean not only are there Muppets for every kind of animal, there are also Muppets for creatures not found in nature. What, exactly, is Gonzo for instance? You’d think that we might hear from some female frogs, complaining that they’re not good enough for the world’s richest and most eligible frog. 

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