Do You Hear the Calls for Joe Biden to Reconsider?

by Jim Geraghty

Are you starting to hear the drumbeat for Vice President Joe Biden to reconsider his decision to not run for president?

Washington Post columnist Colbert King, this morning: “Presidential election year or not, the Clinton email issue must be resolved. Just a thought: As a precaution, the manager in the White House dugout might consider telling the bullpen to start warming up Joe Biden.”

Fox News’ Ed Henry, this morning:

Fox News has learned that a prominent backer of the “Draft Biden 2016″ movement, Tulsa businessman Bill Bartmann, fired off an email Friday afternoon to several dozen Democratic allies musing about the possibility of reviving the push for Biden.

“I would urge all of you to join me in ‘keeping our powder dry’ until we see if for the good of the party and the country, we should resurrect (sic) the Draft Biden movement,” Bartmann wrote to fellow Democrats who had been involved in trying to draft Biden last year.

“We cannot afford to lose the White House.”

In his email, Bartmann specifically cited as an impetus for his concern a new national poll showing a steep dive for Clinton, who just barely beat Sanders in Iowa and now trails him by double digits here in New Hampshire.

Cokie Roberts, back on January 29: “Look, if there’s an indictment, it’s over. [Clinton’s] out. And then [the Democrats] go find you know the ‘break glass in emergency’ box, and I suppose what happens then is you see Joe Biden.”

Joe Scarborough, back on January 12: “The question is not what happens to Hillary Clinton running against Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, after she loses Iowa and New Hampshire, if she loses Iowa and New Hampshire, the question is, is that when Joe Biden and John Kerry who have been privately thinking about this, discussing it with friends, even Al Gore who friends say have been obsessed with the issue whether he should jump into the race or not?”


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