Re: Trump & the Washington Post

by Jonah Goldberg

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Trump vs. the Washington Post

Ramesh — I agree with all that. But isn’t the heart of the problem that Trump has gotten himself into a position where he can’t expect the benefit of the doubt in situations like this? I agree the initial Washington Post headline went too far. But this is also a guy who said that Cruz’s father was in on the Kennedy assassination, has dabbled in all sorts of 9/11 trutherism, and routinely floats conspiracy theories and smears with suggestions, innuendos, and apophasis. The Post may have treated Trump unfairly in this regard, but I think Trump long ago forfeited the right to expect anyone but his most loyal supporters to automatically greet his every utterance with the most charitable interpretation possible. You can’t pour innuendo for months and then be shocked when people assume you’re still at it.

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