The GOP Needs to Tie Evan Bayh to Hillary Clinton in Indiana

by Jim Geraghty

One of the few bits of good news for the Republicans this week is Monmouth’s poll indicating that despite some concerns, Mike Pence’s home state of Indiana doesn’t appear to be in danger of going blue this year. (Obama won the state narrowly in 2008.) Trump’s ahead, 48 percent to 37 percent.

But the poll numbers in the Senate race weren’t so good; Democratic former senator Evan Bayh holds a 48 percent to 41 percent lead over GOP Congressman Todd Young.

It’s just the Republicans’ luck that in a year they will probably need ticket-splitting to help save Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania, Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire, and others, there’s a ton of ticket-splitting in… Indiana. (In 2012, Mitt Romney won Indiana by about 10 points, while Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock lost by six points.)

The National Republican Senatorial Committee is doing what they can to tie Bayh to Hillary:

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