Salvation Army Nursing Home Must Allow Assisted Suicide

by Wesley J. Smith

Freedom of religion is supposed to be one of the most important civil liberties, explicitly guaranteed in constitutions and human rights documents alike.

But these express rights mean little to many secularists,who increasingly seem willing to trash religious liberty in the cause of creating guaranteed access to assisted suicide, euthanasia, and abortion.

This is a huge step beyond what I call “mere legalization,” to the state coercing religious and other conscientious objectors into committing what they consider grievous sins or moral wrongs in the cause of making an individual who wants to die, dead.

The latest example comes fro Switzerland, where a Salvation Army care facility has been ordered to permit assisted suicide on premises. From the Swiss Radio in English story:

A nursing home in the canton of Neuchatel, which belongs to the Salvation Army, must respect patients’ wishes and allow assisted suicide on the premises, following an order by the Federal Court.

The home and the Salvation Army had contested a cantonal law that allows assisted suicide in charitable institutions, if a patient requests it, that came into effect more than a year ago. They said that the law violated their religious beliefs and freedom of conscience.

However, federal judges in Lausanne have rejected their complaint, saying that the law means that individuals are allowed to decide when and how they want to die.

Forcing medical people to breach their religious beliefs and be complicit in suicide/homicide is tyranny.

Eventually that authoritarianism will come here too if assisted suicide becomes normalized, just as the ACLU is suing Catholic hospitals to force them to violate the Church’s moral teachings around issues such as contraception and sterilization. 

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