Latest Clinton E-mail Revelation: Smoke But No Fire

by Andrew C. McCarthy

I have a column up on the website about the bracing disturbing revelation in the Clinton e-mails investigation: the revelation that the political backers of Virginia governor and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe donated about $675K (mostly in cash, some in kind) to the failed political state senate campaign of the wife of an FBI official who ended up overseeing the FBI’s probe of Clinton’s mishandling of classified information.

This irregularity looks worse than it is and probably would not even be a story were it not for the far more troubling ones in the investigation, several of which I rehearse in the column. Bottom line:

The appearance of impropriety here is disturbing, but it should be put in perspective. The FBI investigation overseen by Deputy Director McCabe uncovered significant evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Mrs. Clinton and her associates — they obviously put together a strong case despite being significantly undermined by the Justice Department. The decision to recommend against prosecution was made by FBI director James Comey, not McCabe. It was highly unusual for the FBI to make a public recommendation about prosecution, and Comey’s was primarily based not the evidence but on his legal analysis of the relevant statutes (which is even more unusual since that is not the FBI’s job).

The whole column is here.

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