She Built This

by Jonah Goldberg

I agree with Rich. This isn’t normal. In fact it’s just plain weird (though, as I write in this week’s G-File, weird is the new normal). But in all of the arguments and counter-arguments about whether Comey is right or wrong, principled or cynical, something important is lost in the conversation: This is all Hillary Clinton’s fault. She did this. She and her husband have spent 30 years bending and breaking the rules and letting others pay the price for it. The Clintons force everyone off the highroad and then, when convenient, condemn them for deviating from it. Clinton put Comey in a terrible situation. We can condemn him — or praise him —  for the decisions he made once he ended up there. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that this is all Hillary Clinton’s doing in the first place. She decided to use the home-brew server. She decided to lie about it. She did this. And if she ends up losing this election (which I still very much doubt) it will be her fault — and her fault alone. 

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