Maybe The NAACP Should File Suit Against Hillary?

by Jonah Goldberg

So the Democrats are worried that the black vote doesn’t seem to be mobilizing in the historic numbers Obama enjoyed in 2008 and 2012, something a great many of us predicted a long time ago. Here’s what I wrote in April of 2015 right after she announced:

Most political pros agree that Clinton will need a huge turnout from the Obama coalition to win. The bad news is that, so far, the Obama coalition is like a non-transferable, single-purpose coupon that can only be used to get Obama elected president. Clinton advocates insist we don’t know that yet, which is true. But all the evidence looks bad for Clinton….

….The Clinton campaign has hired Obama’s image consultants in the hopes that they can do for her what they allegedly did for him. They’ve even tried to replicate Obama’s signature “O” logo into an exciting “H,” which mostly looks like a road sign pointing to the next exit for a hospital.

The inelegance seems amusingly symbolic. The letter “O” lends itself to graphic artistry, the letter “H,” not so much. It’s no surprise that consultants think consultants are very important. But turning Clinton into Obama (or Bill Clinton) is beyond their powers.

In 2008, the enthusiasm for Obama’s novel candidacy was self-evident and organic. His personal appeal was such that his handlers felt he could never be over-exposed.

Enthusiasm for Clinton’s long-expected candidacy, while obviously sincere for many partisans, is more asserted than obvious. That’s why the smartest thing about Clinton’s announcement video wasn’t the testimonials from so many “everyday Americans.” It was that there was so little Hillary Clinton in it.

It never made sense that young people and African-Americans would have the same enthusiasm for Clinton that they did for Obama. What’s funny is that for all the talk of black “voter suppression” — including, idiotically, by the Trump campaign itself — the single biggest factor suppressing the black and millennial vote isn’t intimidation at the polls, misinformation on the web or anything else people are complaining about. No, it’s Hillary Clinton’s personality that’s to blame. It’s a natural vote-suppressor. 

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