This Most Sacred Expression of Our Ideals Must Be Super Convenient!

by Jonah Goldberg

I’m a well-known curmudgeon (at least among people who know who I am) about so much of the sanctimony about voting. I think our democracy would be richer and our franchise more dearly held if we made voting less convenient (though I would favor making Election Day a holiday or moving it to a weekend and making “Election Day” Election Weekend). We can talk about all that another time. But I am seeing a lot of griping about long lines at polling stations as if this is an outrage and affront to democratic values. In a country where people queue up overnight for iPhones, movie tickets and ComicCon is it really such a travesty for people to wait in line and vote? By the logic of the voting-voluptuaries, aren’t the long lines a sign of civic health?

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