by Rich Lowry

Here’s an illuminating account in Politico that pushes back against some of the alarmism

Some have found the pick puzzling: Tillerson has articulated no grand theory of world affairs, and his scant public comments on U.S. foreign policy have focused on what he knows best — energy. Critics have expressed alarm over his warm relationship with Russia, his lack of government experience and the potential blowback from having an oil executive serve as America’s face to the world.

“I’ve been resisting the urge to drink since 7 a.m. when I read the news,” one State Department staffer said.

But interviews with close associates and a review of his record at Exxon reveal a pragmatist whose views put him firmly in the American foreign policy mainstream. And what Tillerson may lack in traditional diplomatic training, supporters say, he’s made up in years of wrangling recalcitrant and corrupt foreign regimes.

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