A New Political Year

by Yuval Levin

January is here. A new Congress begins its work today. A new president will start his in a couple of weeks. And the new Winter 2017 issue of National Affairs is now out, loaded with essays reflecting on both and offering some advice. 

For analysis of the election and its implications, there’s Peter Lawler (now familiar to Corner readers) on what we might learn about the state of the country from the past year, Lee Edwards on the prospects for conservatism, and Robert Nagel on the Right and the Court. 

For policy ideas for the new Congress and administration, we’ve got Tom Stossel on how to spur drug innovation, Ron Haskins on how welfare policy can better encourage work, Wallace DeWitt on how the SEC should be employed by the new administration, Oren Cass on the right and wrong ways to worry about the environment, Checker Finn on the trouble with “college readiness,” and Eli Lehrer and Andy Stern (yes, that Andy Stern) on how labor law might be decentralized to let the states experiment. 

And for deeper reflection on the philosophical foundations of our common life, we’ve got Adam Garfinkle on what a 21st-century pioneering spirit might involve, Steven Hayward with a portion of his simply fantastic forthcoming book on Harry Jaffa and Walter Berns (the praises of which book I will be singing around here in due course I’m sure), and Algis Valiunas on how Americans see Shakespeare. 

Some are free to all, some require a subscription (which you can get here), and all aim to help us see our wonderful country just a little more clearly in 2017. Happy New Year.

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