Live from the Lady Gaga Room

by Jay Nordlinger

Piotr Anderszewski is one of the leading pianists in the world. I have done a Q&A podcast with him, here. He is a most interesting personality.

Periodically, he has taken sabbaticals from concert life, and he is just back from one. During this period, he made a film about Warsaw (his hometown). It is a peculiar work. It has sights, sounds — no words. And no words can be a relief.

In our podcast, we talk about a host of issues, most having to do with music, some not. Anderszewski is an extraordinarily honest interviewee. Can he name some living composers worth hearing? Not really. Does he like any pop music? Not really. Does he like opera? Not really.

Does he agree with me on this, that, and the other thing? Not really.

I think of an old advertising slogan: “A break away from the everyday.” That’s Piotr Anderszewski. Again, our link is here. By the way, we met at Steinway offices in New York — in the Lady Gaga conference room, specifically. Really.

Oh, and you want to hear him play? When you have a free hour, try the Diabelli Variations (Beethoven).

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