Friday links

by debbywitt

For Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s birthday, here’s a list of her birthday catastrophes.

Picasso’s Self-Portraits From 15 Years Old To 90 Years Old.

What Are Dogs Really Thinking About?

This weekend is Stonewall Jackson’s birthday – here’s the story of his left arm’s separate grave (bonus: Lord Uxbridge’s leg)

A Brief Compendium of Vintage Recreational Vehicle Brochures.

How A Dead Millionaire Convinced Dozens Of Women To Have As Many Babies As Possible.

ICYMI, Tuesday’s links are here, and include self-medicating animals, a photo of Lincoln’s first inauguration, Al Capone’s investments in miniature golf, and, for Ben Franklin’s birthday, his 200 synonyms for drunk (plus the bodies found in his basement).

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