‘A Question of Honor’

by Jay Nordlinger

There is a phrase they use on Twitter: “re-upping.” When they retweet something they have written before, newly relevant, they’ll say, “I’m re-upping this.”

In that spirit, I am linking to a piece we published in May 2015: “A Question of Honor,” here. The subtitle is: “As the wolves circle, Iraqis who helped us are pleading for visas.”

There is a law involved: the Refugee Crisis in Iraq Act. It was passed a little more than 30 years after the Indochina Migration and Refugee Assistance Act. Here we go again, in other words.

“The whole of my life, I’ve heard conservatives say, bitterly, ‘It’s dangerous to be a friend and ally of the United States.’ The Iraqi visa-seekers most likely agree.”

Those words come from “A Question of Honor.” Anyway, a timely re-upping, I think.

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