Trump Delivers

by Rich Lowry

Perhaps the most important promise Trump made in the campaign was to nominate a constitutionalist to replace Antonin Scalia. Trump’s populists were going to be with him no matter what, but this pledge, more than anything else, tipped fence-sitting Republicans to him and it had a large hand in his strong support among evangelicals. Tonight, Trump delivered in a big way. It will earn him a lot of latitude from conservatives for quite a while. No matter what happens the rest of Trump’s time of office, Neil Gorsuch will endure as an accomplishment for perhaps decades on the Court (assuming, of course, he is confirmed). There was a lot of snickering beforehand about the showmanship of Trump’s prime-time announcement, but it came off splendidly. Trump acted presidential, and Gorsuch made a winning first impression. All in all, a great night for the Constitution, and for President Trump.

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