Exit Flynn

by Rich Lowry

A lot of the Trump chaos and dysfunction stories have been blown way out of proportion by a press that wants to believe that the administration is sinking beneath the waves every day. But the Flynn story is legitimately stunning. A national security adviser blowing up three weeks into a administration? When has that happened before? As I noted the other day, I don’t see what the underlying offense was supposed to be, but Flynn appears to have considered the truth at least inconvenient enough not to be fully forthcoming about it. Once Flynn misled Pence, Trump could decide to stand by his national security adviser and humiliate his vice president, or dump Flynn, who it would require major energy and political capital to defend. Now, Trump has a chance to get a national security adviser better suited to the job, and one who will perhaps help “normalize” the president’s posture toward Russia. There was always a haze of unease about Flynn — about his management ability, judgment, and views on Russia — and they appear to have been borne out. Although a lot of questions remain about this affair, including about the intelligence monitoring and leaks that, together with Flynn’s incomplete account of the calls, were his undoing

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