The Perils of Music

by Jay Nordlinger

Yesterday, in my column and here on the Corner, I had notes about a serious situation in Germany: The town of Limburg has a carillon that plays a repertoire of tunes. One tune is, or was, a children’s song about a fox and a goose (and a hunter). A vegan complained. So the mayor has ordered that song out of the repertoire. Out of the rotation.

I received a note from a reader in Japan:

You’ve reminded me of something that happened here a few years ago. To help blind people know when the light turns green so they can cross the intersection, they play tunes on speakers. (Check it out.) One town chose “Three Blind Mice” until someone pointed out that it was a little insensitive.

“Three Blind Mice”: the bane of umpires down the ages. See, for example, this incident: when a music-choosing intern was ejected.

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