And the Jefferson Jimplecute, Too

by Jay Nordlinger

Last fall, I was in Tulsa, and walked by the headquarters of the Tulsa World. This struck me as a wonderful name for a newspaper: outward-looking, bold. Very American. I made a note of this in a “Tulsa Journal” I wrote.

In a related Corner post, I said, “A question: What are your favorite newspaper names, of all time? The papers can be small or large, minor or major.” Readers sent me a bunch of excellent mail.

Later, I incorporated a good bit of this mail into an essay for NR, “Ages of Argus: On newspaper names and other media pleasures.” Today, that essay is on the homepage, here. See what you think. This one’s for newspaper-lovers especially.

Speaking of readers, here is a note from one:


That piece was fun, but I think you overlooked the Jefferson Jimplecute. It’s a weekly, put out in Jefferson, Texas.

(I’ll bet you’ll get a lot of notes saying, “You overlooked …”)

No doubt!

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