Putin Critics Should Be More Careful about Their Health

by Jay Nordlinger

Today, we publish Part II of my series on Vladimir Kara-Murza, the Russian democracy leader. Twice, he was poisoned. Twice, he survived. May there never be a third time.

Critics of Vladimir Putin are very, very careless about their health. Have you noticed? They drink tea that kills them. They commit suicide in the oddest, unlikeliest ways. They go and get maimed.

Yes, they are very careless people.

Take Nikolai Gorokhov, the Magnitsky family’s lawyer. I mention him in today’s installment on Kara-Murza. Sergei Magnitsky, remember, was the lawyer and whistleblower who was tortured to death in 2009. The Kremlin declared that he died of a coronary.

Maybe he ate too much jambalaya?

Anyway, back to Gorokhov. He’s a real klutz. He was helping movers carry a jacuzzi in his apartment building. And — whoops — he tumbled out a fourth-story window.

Kremlin-tied media were on the scene very quickly. They spread the word about the jacuzzi. Operation Jacuzzi.

Gorokhov, incidentally, had an important court date the next day. He didn’t make it. Yet he is not dead. He survived that tumble.

Next time, he really ought to be more careful. And leave the jacuzzi-moving to the professionals.

(Pardon my sarcasm, but you understand. Call it gallows sarcasm. In any event, Part II on Kara-Murza, again, is here.)

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