Trumpism’s Indispensable Man

by Rich Lowry

If the ascendancy of Jared, Ivanka and the New York moderates in the White House risks taking the edges off Trump’s agenda, then Jeff Sessions becomes all the more important. He would be the most senior official standing in the way of any significant backsliding on immigration and law-and-order issues. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a push for “comprehensive immigration reform” from the moderate faction–much of the GOP congressional leadership would be fine with it, it would have bi-partisan appeal, and it would soften Trump on a hot-button issue. This probably becomes more likely the more it seems that Trump needs a “re-set.” A year from now, the argument might be that illegal border crossing are down (assuming they still are) and the wall is being built (at least some of it), so Trump has delivered on enforcement and he can do a Nixon-to-China. Sessions could be expected to fiercely resist such a course, rightly. 

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