Krauthammer’s Take: Democrats ‘Have Assiduously Tried to Stop’ U.S. Missile Defense Development

by NR Staff

Charles Krauthammer said that Democrats could have a lot to answer for given the threat of a North Korean nuclear attack on the west coast and their staunch opposition to building up a missile-defense system:

We’ve been working 30 years to develop systems that would shoot down missiles upon launch, in the air, in the atmosphere, and on the way down — except for the fact that Democrats, since Reagan announced it in 1983, have assiduously tried to stop the program. They are going to have a lot to answer for. It’s advanced enough that we had what’s called a THAAD system. Right now, in Alaska — we don’t know if it works, but that’s our line of defense. If the Norks are able to develop a missile that is intercontinental, it could hit the west coast. We’re going to have to hope and pray we can shoot it down from the THAAD system in Alaska.

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