Washington Post: More Young Republicans Know a Millionaire Than a Muslim

by Jonah Goldberg

The Washington Post’s Aaron Blake tweets:

I’m not sure why this is all that interesting a stat (or why they went with this picture) but okay. The tweet and headline are also misleading. The Harvard poll that the data come from asks if you have a “close relationship” with someone who fits a certain category and “Muslim” is one of them. There are lots of people I “know” but I wouldn’t say I have a close relationship to them.

I strongly suspect the point of the headline is to suggest that there’s something nefarious or revealing about conservative attitudes here. For instance, here is one of the first responses to Blake’s tweet:

Ah yes, if we could only introduce more young people to Muslims that will magically make them Democrats — just like rubbing a leprechaun’s head.

Anyway, the stat I find more interesting is that less than half (49 percent) of young people who call themselves Democrats “know” (in Blake’s usage) a gun owner, compared to 80 percent of young Republicans. There are by one reputable estimate some 3 million Muslims in America. They tend, like many ethnic or religious groups that are disproportionately made up of immigrants, to be concentrated in few enclaves. Meanwhile, roughly 44 percent of American households have at least one gun in them (it may well be higher as some people lie or refuse to answer the question).

In terms of electoral politics, I think that datum is much more significant.

Anyway, it’s an interesting article. If you get past the click-baity headline, you’ll even learn this:

Some of these numbers are perhaps a little less surprising than you might think. There are actually more millionaires in the United States (about 3 percent of the population) than there are Muslims (1 percent), for example.

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