by Jay Nordlinger

1) Today on the homepage, we publish Part II of my “Milan Journal”: here. (For Part I, go here.) Milan may be Italy’s Chicago — its “Second City,” after Rome — but it really ought to take a backseat to no one. In my journal, I offer jottings artistic, social, political, culinary, spiritual … See whether there’s something you like.

You should really like the Bruno Leoni Institute, which figures in Part II. This is a classical-liberal think tank, whose president if Franco Debenedetti, a Renaissance man and sage of Italy, and whose executive director is Alberto Mingardi, an enfant terrible. Bill Buckley would have loved both men, and the IBL (the Istituto Bruno Leoni).

The institute, by the way, is named for a political philosopher and lawyer who lived from 1913 to 1967. IBL is a point of light, as the first Bush would say.

2) Mozart’s Don Giovanni is being performed at La Scala, and, at The New Criterion, I offer a review, here. In the title role is Thomas Hampson, the American baritone — about whom I’ll have a piece in the forthcoming NR.

3) It was a treat to be a guest on JJM’s Bookmonger podcast: here. We discuss my recent collection, Digging In. One of the things we talk about is its cover: a wonderful creation, done by NR’s own, Luba Myts, our art director.

“JJM,” of course, is John J. Miller, and, in addition to everything else he is, he is a crackerjack interviewer. One of the best.

I must say, I was pleased with the sobriquet he gave me this morning: “Jay Hawk.” It is one of the best I have ever had. On Twitter, my non-fans like to write, “Jay Nerdlinger!” They do so with a glee that suggests they think they are the first who ever thought of it. (In truth, they are about 50 years too late.)

(In America, there are some Nördlingers who render their name “Nerdlinger.” I’m glad my forebears weren’t among them.)

4) Finally, if you’re itching for some more music, here is a post on a concert with the Philadelphia Orchestra, led by Yannick Nézet-Séguin. Their soloist was Radu Lupu, the veteran Romanian pianist. He has seen better nights. So has everybody.

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