Bryce Harper

by Rich Lowry

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I hate to disagree with my fellow Yankee fan, Alexandra, but by any reasonable baseball standard, Harper was completely justified in charging the mound. I second David’s opinion that baseball brawls are highly entertaining. They are the best of all sports fights. Hockey fights are too common. Basketball fights are too slappy. And football fights are too pointless. There’s nothing like a good baseball brawl, especially involving a long-haired, helmet-tossing hot dog like Bryce Harper. That said, I do think that baseball brawls are profoundly stupid and the last thing I would want if I ran a team would by my players risking serious injury in the middle of scrum. 

Since we are on the topic, here is a classic brawl from the glory days of the Yankee dynasty in the 1990s: 

And this 1984 brawl between the Braves and the Padres has to qualify as the most epic baseball fight ever (the head umpire said it “set baseball back 50 years”): 

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