Thunder Down Under: Aussie Columnist Fights Off Antifa

by Ian Tuttle

Forget the Thrilla in Manila. On Tuesday, in Melbourne, Australia, Andrew Bolt — a conservative columnist for the Herald Sun and a commentator for Sky News — was attacked by two left-wing “protesters.” They got a little more than they bargained for:

As the video shows, Bolt was attacked from behind and sprayed with a liquid containing dye and glitter. But the 57-year-old journalist managed to turn on his assailants and land a few blows, forcing them to flee. The cameraman who filmed the incident — Nathan CC Photography — was brought along by the attackers. Presumably, this was not the footage they were intending.

Perhaps the most astonishing product of the assault was the statement by Melbourne Antifa: “Some of our family in solidarity were attacked by Andrew Bolt while they were protesting today.” According to the group, Bolt should be imprisoned for his “violent, horrendous language.”

I wrote a bit recently about left-wing violence. Suffice it to say that these thugs would receive a hearty welcome from their compatriots at Berkeley.

The attack happened outside an Italian restaurant where Bolt was scheduled to help launch The Art of the Impossible: A Blog History of the Election of Donald J. Trump as President, a new book by RMIT University professor Steven Kates. Just a few minutes after the assault, Bolt delivered his speech as planned. He is now auctioning off the suit ruined in the attack, with all proceeds going to Very Special Kids, a local children’s hospice charity.

Here is Bolt’s full statement on the attack from his show, The Bolt Report:

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