JO’S at Large

by Jay Nordlinger

Starring in my latest Q&A is John O’Sullivan, known in NR memoranda and such as “JO’S.” He has lived all over, worked all over — written on anything and everything. In this podcast, I tell a story.

For years, Herbert von Karajan was a glamorous, jet-setting, dominant conductor. He was known as “the general music director of Europe.” One day, he gets in a cab and the driver says, “Where to?” Karajan responds, “It doesn’t matter. I’m in demand everywhere.”

Something like that is true of JO’S.

In our hour or so together, I ask him about some critical questions: the British election, Brexit, the EU, NATO, and more. I also ask him some “fun” questions, or at any rate some more relaxed ones: How did you get to be a conservative? What do you read, to stay informed? How is it that so patriotic a Brit is named “O’Sullivan”?

(When I was a kid, it confused and amused me that the composer John Ireland was actually English.)

Again, for a wide-ranging session with JO’S, go here.

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