Meet the Freedom Pastor

by Jay Nordlinger

Our political life is pretty nasty, as Twitter has reminded me this morning. (Shame on me for looking, you might say.) But what do we risk, in stating our views? A little ostracism, a “Twitter mob,” or what have you. A politician may even lose reelection, perish the thought.

In dictatorships, you risk a great deal more. Evan Mawarire is doing this in Zimbabwe. The longtime dictator of that country, Robert Mugabe, does not allow political opposition. No, he allows abduction, imprisonment, torture, and murder. Evan Mawarire knows all this, better than you or I could. Yet he sticks his neck out.

He is a Christian pastor, and a nightmare for Mugabe: talented, inspiring, principled, and brave. You can read about him on the homepage, here.

In every society, in every race and clime, there are people willing to stick their neck out for the sake of all. These people are the MVPs of the world.

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