Ted Cruz’s Big Legislative Moment

by Rich Lowry

Ted Cruz is a provisional supporter of the Senate health-care bill, which represents a big step toward its passage. There are a lot of moving parts here and it’s still possible the Medicaid moderates won’t get on board, but if Mike Lee is a “yes,” the chances are the thing will pass the Senate, then the House again, and get signed into law. This would be a major victory for Cruz. No one should have any illusions about the bill; it is a far cry from full repeal of Obamacare. But it represents the high-water mark of repeal. If this bill goes down, Republicans aren’t going to come back at it with a more free-market approach — in fact the opposite. This is why it’s been so important that Cruz has stayed at the table, worked at persuading his colleagues, and moved a flawed bill to the right. His approach is a stark contrast to that of Rand Paul, who is simply opposed to anything proposed by leadership and anything short of his vision of purity. Ted Cruz has chosen a more realistic path, and if there is a signing ceremony for the bill, he’ll be a big reason why.

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