This Is No Laughing Matter

by George Leef

The SJW types on American college campuses are a pretty humorless bunch, always picking apart everything in search of some microaggression or deviationism. So when a documentary comes along that focuses on their humorlessness, you can guess how they take it.

That documentary, entitled “Can We Take a Joke” was produced by Ted Balaker last year and has been showing on campuses. In today’s Martin Center article, he writes about the responses it has received.

The most absurd was the reaction by a university president in Wisconsin who kept saying that the school was concerned that students might feel a threat to their safety.

“The film,” Balaker writes, “includes a variety of free speech scholars, and pays special attention to the college scene. It explains how universities have taught generations of students that they can shut down opinions they don’t like simply by declaring they’re offended.”

To date, the documentary has been shown at some 250 campuses. The responses have been mixed. At a few, the SJW types threw a fit — shouting at the screen, pulling the fire alarm, and so on. But at others, the students seem to have learned something, namely that it is not an exercise of free speech to prevent others from being heard.

“Can We Take a Joke” pushes gently back against a serious problem — as Balaker puts it, the “campus tinderbox” that has been created by humorless and intolerant leftists. Bravo!

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