What Trump Could Do — If He Wanted

by Jay Nordlinger

You know the old expression “Not in my name”? It would be so easy — so easy for President Trump to say to the neo-Nazis and the neo-Confederates and the neo-Klansmen, “Not in my name.” He is good with words, as he tells us. He can find a way of saying that. While he was at it, he could say, “Take off my hat.” (The red MAGA hat.) “Just wear your hoods and whatnot.”

He could say that. Does he want to?

And if the alt-Right gets associated with the Republican party and conservatism, it will not be the fault of the media and the Left. It will be the fault of those on the right who played footsie with the alties and who winked and nodded.

P.S. The GOP is the “Party of Lincoln.” They should stand up for Lincoln. Be Lincoln men. Or forfeit their heritage.

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