This Might Be the Most Ridiculous Example of Political Correctness in History (Thanks, ESPN)

by David French

Honestly, this is the dumbest time to be alive. Earlier this afternoon Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis tweeted that ESPN had removed an Asian announcer from an upcoming University of Virginia football game because — get this — his name is Robert Lee:

Surely not, you’re thinking. No one is this politically correct, right? Even though Clay’s a sharp guy, his sources can’t be right, can they? Well, maybe so. Clay next reported that ESPN responded with a statement. Our own Charlie Cooke reproduced it below:

Then it broke out everywhere, with multiple sports reporters claiming ESPN sent them the same thing. For example:

There you have it, sports fans. It’s entirely possible that the nation’s premiere sports channel — not Oberlin College, not Evergreen State, not Yale — has reached peak political correctness. A real person had his assignment changed because he shares the same name as a former Confederate general. Parents, if your last names are Grant, Meade, or Sherman, might I suggest Ulysses, George, or Bill as boy’s names? They’ll have an inside track at ESPN. 

I would say that you have to laugh or you’ll cry, but that’s not right. ESPN is beclowning itself. Laughter is the only good response. 

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