Costa Reports

by Jay Nordlinger

Robert Costa, late of National Review, is a national political reporter for the Washington Post, an analyst on NBC and MSNBC, and the host of Washington Week on PBS. He is also my guest on the latest Q&A, here.

We cover a lot of territory, beginning with the Trump White House: Is it still fun to cover? Or has the fun faded now that General Kelly has arrived and imposed some discipline? (It’s still fun. It’s still colorful.) I also ask, What’s Trump like to be around? (Bob says he is one way when the camera is on and another way when the camera is off. A filmed interview with Trump is much different from a print interview with him.)

Costa and I also talk about some other characters in the White House: H. R. McMaster, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Steve Bannon (late of the White House, true).

Also, what about this charge of “fake news”? Do people shrug it off or does it affect the national atmosphere? And how about Twitter? The president’s use of it and the effect of Twitter on journalism. (Bob is especially interesting here, I think.)

Earlier this year, Senator Ben Sasse, the Nebraska Republican, was asked, “What does the GOP stand for?” He gave a refreshingly honest answer: “I don’t know.” I have been asking, “What does the conservative movement stand for? Is there a conservative movement?” At the end of our podcast, I put those questions to Bob.

On all of these questions, he’s as sound as a dollar. Our link, again, is here.

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