Michael Cromartie

by Yuval Levin

I heartily second Mona Charen’s lovely tribute below to Mike Cromartie, who died today. It is a terrible loss. Among much else he accomplished, Mike shaped the spirit and character of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, where Mona and I are both privileged to hang our hats and where Mike did as well for an amazing thirty years. He was a deeply decent person, and a man of abiding faith who really helped me, through the way he treated others and carried himself in the world, to understand what Christians mean when they say their faith is a form of love. They mean their faith moves them to live their lives as Mike lived his, and no one who really knew him could fail to grasp that this way of life is at its core a form of love. 

To say Mike’s friends and colleagues are in mourning today is worse than understatement. We will miss him just terribly, and hold his family in our thoughts.

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