Mukasey at Law

by Jay Nordlinger

Michael Mukasey is one of the outstanding lawyers in the country. He was a federal judge in New York and then went into private practice. During this time, President Bush (43) asked Mukasey to be attorney general. After that term, Mukasey returned to private practice and now does a variety of things.

One thing he did recently was join us — join National Review — on a cruise. He spoke to our audience about various issues, legal and otherwise. And he recorded a podcast with me, a Q&A, here.

We talk about his becoming a lawyer. (First he was a journalist.) And about his studying under Bork. We talk about the current attorney general, Jeff Sessions, and the AG’s boss, President Trump. We talk about Comey and Mueller. With some Arpaio thrown in. We also talk about George Orwell, Robert Jackson, and America.

A little of everything, or a little of a lot. Michael Mukasey is an unusual combination of smarts, experience, and nerve. Again, that podcast is here.

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