Gifs, Bunts, and Other Things

by Jay Nordlinger

Martin Bernheimer, the prize-winning music critic, is retiring after a 60-year career. I wrote an appreciation of him last week. I pondered the question, What makes him great? (Rob Kapilow has a long-running series about music called “What Makes It Great?”) I catalogued Bernheimer’s outstanding qualities — and said that what really makes him great is his boldness. His without-fear-or-favor honesty.

And that led to my Impromptus today. I talk about journalism more broadly. (Music criticism is a branch of journalism.) Recently, someone told our Kevin Williamson that there is a “chasm” between him and “voters.” He replied, in effect, “So?”

I have other items too, including one on President Trump and a tweeter named “Fuctupmind.” The president retweeted a “gif” from Fuctupumind showing him (Trump) hitting a golf ball and knocking over Hillary Clinton.

My question: If a Democratic president retweeted something similar from a person called “Fuctupmind,” would anyone on the right say the president was fit for the office? Anyone?

I do not neglect sports. It’s been a bad year — an annus horribilis — for my Detroit Tigers. This was illustrated on Saturday night, when the leadoff hitter of the opposing team bunted — and scored on that bunt. Seriously.

I wrote my column before the Lions game — which ended on our getting shafted by a seriously misguided NFL rule.

So, if sports continues this way, I will have to retreat to politics for consolation.

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