Golden Golda

by Jay Nordlinger

In August, I did a public interview of Golda Schultz at the Salzburg Festival. You never saw or heard a more delightful interviewee. We said we’d do a podcast together when she was in New York, in the fall, working at the Metropolitan Opera. And now we have — here.

Golda Schultz is a young South African soprano. At the Met, she is currently appearing as Pamina in Mozart’s Magic Flute. In this podcast, we talk about New York, South Africa, opera, Broadway, and other things. You should hear her talk about the Mahler Second — almost as good as listening to it.

You’ll want to get to know her. That podcast, again, is here. And it ends with some singing — Golda in Doretta’s Song (from Puccini’s Rondine).

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