People Need to Go to Jail

by Jonah Goldberg

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The Disgusting Tale of Harvey ...

Jim writes below:

This may be just the tip of a very big iceberg; everyone who worked with [Harvey] Weinstein should and probably will face tough questions about what they knew and what they were willing to do on behalf of a disgusting, abusive, repulsive human being.

I get where Jim is coming from, but I think he understates things. Much of the behavior described in The New Yorker’s article isn’t just disgusting, abusive, and repulsive; it’s criminal.

If these allegations are true and provable, then Weinstein surely should go to prison. Moreover, if any staffer knowingly cooperated in assisting Weinstein in raping women, they should go to prison as accessories.

I’ll leave it to our legal experts to explain why this may be difficult as a procedural issue and all that. But as a moral issue — and, again, if true — the things Weinstein and his accomplices are being accused of aren’t merely shabby, immoral, or cowardly. They are flat out criminal.

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