A Founder, a Formulation

by Jay Nordlinger

Below, Jack Fowler published a photo of WFB with two of his King Charles spaniels. They owned many, over the years. I remember the last one. As the little dog was jumping around, Bill said, with approval, “He’s all puppy.”

But I’m thinking of an earlier dog. He once remarked — Bill, I mean, not the dog — “Isn’t that the sweetest dog in the history of dogs?” He said it with great tenderness and appreciation. Since then, I have adopted his formulation: “Isn’t that the best club sandwich in the history of club sandwiches?” “Isn’t that the most beautiful girl in the history of girls?” “Wasn’t that the most bodacious dunk in the history of dunks?”

Anyway, please give to the cause — NR — if you want and can.

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