Rotten Case, Wonderful Couple

by Jay Nordlinger

Earlier this week, we published a piece about Andrés Felipe Arias: “Asylum Now: The awful case of a splendid man.” Arias is, in effect, a Colombian political prisoner (a strange phrase to write). He has asked for political asylum in the United States and has not been granted a hearing. Instead, he has been scheduled for extradition — this despite the fact that Colombia recognizes no extradition treaty between itself and the United States. This despite the fact that Colombia refuses to extradite to us the murderers and kidnappers of Americans.

What’s more, our DEA recently produced evidence that the Colombian judicial system is rife with corruption. Judges are on the take — including several on the panel that convicted Arias.

Like many another persecuted man, Arias is blessed with a wonderful wife, Catalina Serrano, who has been with him every step. I quoted her in my piece, having interviewed her in Miami. But there is no substitute for hearing the voice in person, so to speak — the real, live voice. I have now recorded a podcast with her, a “Q&A”: here.

Rotten, Kafkaesque case, wonderful couple.

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