Another (Sad) Salute

by Jay Nordlinger

Last summer, National Review published the following little editorial:

Announcements on London’s Tube have always referred to riders as “ladies and gentlemen.” No more: The phrase is being scrapped because authorities believe that it makes some people feel excluded. One by one, the graces die — and we salute them as they go.

Now comes news from home:

New York City transit workers will no longer refer to riders as “ladies and gentlemen,” thanks to a new edict banning gender-specific terms in the subway and bus system.

Transit workers recently received a bulletin that requires them to use gender-neutral terms such as “passengers,” “riders” or “everyone,” the New York Post reported, adding that conductors will override prerecorded greetings that use “ladies and gentlemen” until the replacements are made.

Think of it: This matter is so urgent, it can’t wait until new recordings are made. The present recordings, saying “ladies and gentlemen,” must be overridden, right this second.

One by one, the graces die — and we salute them as they go.

P.S. The authorities have not gotten rid of obnoxious panhandling in the subway. But thank heaven they have gotten rid of “ladies and gentlemen,” that menace and offense.

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