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We were having technical difficulties earlier (war is H-E-double hockey sticks!). Bear with us and a slight change in format. You can read back posts at the end of this page (from earlier friday, etc.) and don’t forget to read the millions of other things on NRO, too: John J. Miller on the hero you haven’t heard about. Michelle Malkin on the illegal sniper. Victor Davis Hanson on North Korea moral equivalence. Ramesh Ponnuru on Al Hunt’s latest. Senator Kyl, Reps. Cox & Lantos on freeing the Chinese.
Jack Dunphy on the next step in the sniper investigation/prosecution and the Jonah Man on this election I hear is approaching (If there’s an election and everyone forgets, what happens?). And much, much more. Don’t forget to do your back-reading for the week, too: You’ll find a handy archive here. You can give me money here. (Ok, so maybe it doesn’t exactly go to my bank account, but I’ll take one for the team!) And you can do your Christmas National Review on Dead Tree shopping here.