Bin Laden’s Will

by Andrew Stuttaford

Jim, Reuters too has something on the news that Bin Laden’s will (allegedly written in the middle of the Afghan campaign) has been discovered. Whether it is  genuine or not is anyone’s guess, but at least one part of the text quoted by Reuters (it looks like a slightly different version of what you were citing) fits what we know about the monstrously vain terrorist leader: “We saw the cowardly Crusaders [Christians] and the lowly Jews hold fast while fighting us, while soldiers of our nation raised the white flag and
surrendered to their enemies…Even the students of religion [Taliban], only
a handful of them were steadfast while the rest fled before they met the
This is, of course, very reminiscent of the complaints of another famously self-involved – and murderous – hysteric: Adolf Hitler. Towards the end of his life, the Fuhrer took to complaining that the Germans were just not up to the tasks he had set them. Those who had the effrontery to surrender to the advancing allies, even if against overwhelming odds, had betrayed the cause. They did not deserve to be led (in Adolf’s view) by such a great leader. Bin Laden, I am sure, would agree with Hitler on this, as on so much else. Let us hope that he has shared the former Fuhrer’s fate.

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