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“They Do Not Have a Future. We Do”


This is what Vladimir Putin told his nation today. I thought the remarks were very moving. The only thing I would say is the enemy is not “international” terrorism; it is Islamic terrorism: “Dear compatriots! These days we have, together, gone through a terrible test. All our thoughts were with the hostages, in the hands of armed vermin. We hoped for the best outcome, but each of us understood, that it is necessary to be ready for the worst. Today the rescue operation of this morning is done. It was possible to do almost the impossible – to rescue the lives of hundreds, hundreds of people. We have proved that Russia cannot be put on her knees. But now I first of all want to address the families and relatives of those who were lost. We could not rescue them all. Forgive us. Let the memory of the victims unite us. I thank all the citizens of Russia for their endurance and unity. Special gratitude to everyone who participated in the rescue operation. Special thanks to the employees of the special divisions who, without hesitation, risking their own lives, struggled for the rescue of the hostages. We are grateful also to our friends all over the world, for their moral and practical support in our struggle against the same enemy. This enemy is strong and dangerous, brutal and severe. It is international terrorism. While it is not defeated, anywhere in the world, people can not feel safe. But it should be defeated. And it will be defeated. Today in the hospital I talked to one of victims. He said to me, ‘It was not that terrible – there was a confidence among us, that the future of the terrorists is not enduring.’ And this is the truth. They do not have a future. We do.”


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