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I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For


The women’s-studies professors [why? ok, that's another post for another time] at The College of the Holy Cross in Mass., were forced to disinvite pro-abortion Catholic Church critic Frances Kissling, whose Catholics for a Free Choice she disingenuously tries to pass off as a legitimate voice of Catholics, to speak at the Catholic school for $500. Kudos to them for disinviting, but when will a school be secure enough in its religious identity to not invite people like that to campus? It’s not like there’s not enough room everywhere else in the world for Frances Kissling (pro-abortion groups who finance her make sure there is)–how about four years without her while you teach the young ones what the whole religion thing, as about as part of their higher-education experience? Sectarian schools have something to offer others schools don’t–so offer it already!


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