Gingrich On Mondale

by Jonathan H. Adler

On Meet the Press yesterday, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich outlined the case against the Democrats’ soon-to-be Senate candidate in Minnesota: “Walter Mondale chaired a commission that was for the privatization of Social Security worldwide. He chaired a commission that was for raising the retirement age dramatically. He has a strong record of voting to raise taxes. And I think that what you’ll see on the Republican side is an issue-oriented campaign that says, you know, ‘If you want to raise your retirement age dramatically and privatize Social Security’–Walter Mondale’s a terrifically courageous guy to say that-’and if you want a big-tax-increase person with a long history of raising taxes, Walter Mondale’s a perfect’” Sure, his proclivity for tax increases is a good reason to vote against Walter Mondale, but it seems odd to attack Mondale on social security privatization. As one friend noted, that’s probably the best policy recommendation Mondale’s ever made.

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