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I’m fascinated by the juxtaposition of a couple of op-ed’s in today’s Washington Post. Fred Hiatt defends affirmative action in the face of its possible demise at the hands of the Supreme Court. Hiatt points to the “10 percent rule” by which Texas tries to circumvent an affirmative-action ban, and notes that even the pro-Bush Senate candidate in Texas backs both the rule and the basic goal of diversity in Texas schools. On the same op-ed page, William Raspberry criticizes the feminists who are trying to force Tiger Woods to oppose the men-only rule at Augusta, and takes on Harry Belafonte’s swipes at Colin Powell. The tribe that really matters, says Raspberry, is the human tribe. Why should blacks be forced to toe any given political line, he asks, or be treated as “house slaves” if they don’t? As Raspberry points out, whites aren’t subject to the same pressure for political conformity. But of course, as long as the pro- “diversity” policies supported by Hiatt (and probably Raspberry as well) are in effect, blacks will continue to be treated as members of a group, rather than as individuals, and thus forced into political conformity.