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Hate and The Left


Couple of weeks ago I remarked in a column that the two most widespread
forms of hate* in these United States are (1) hatred of white people by
nonwhites, and (2) hatred of religious people by the irreligious. The
Public Interest article Stanley Kurtz has brought to our attention to
certainly confirms my (2). The article is brilliant, and raises all sorts
of interesting questions. E.g. will black “church ladies” go on voting
solidly Democrat (as they apparently do) if it dawns on them that the
Democrats are, in fact, the party of irreligion? (I think I could make a
case for the answer probably being “yes.”) Some of these observations,
though, are not new. It is around 20 years since Peter Berger, commenting
on the then-emerging picture of America as an irreligious elite governing a
religious populace, encapsulated the phenomenon as: “Swedes ruling over

* As opposed to “hate,” as in “disapproving of homosexual marriage,” or
“seeing nothing wrong with racial profiling.”


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